Welcome to Maddy K Homes


My passion for designing the perfect home started at a young age when I used to watch my father and uncle run their contracting business. They single-handedly designed and built homes of all styles and sizes. To this day, design remains an important part of my life. I have spent the past 20 years building a successful event design agency – bringing to life some of the biggest and best events in the city!


In 2019 we bought our new house - and Maddy K Homes was born. I brought my Instagram followers along on the journey of renovating and designing our dream home. I was touched by the response from my followers. The inspiring comments and notes of encouragement along the way warmed my heart. 


2020 brought COVID - and my event design business went from top to non-existent. As we all found comfort and safety in our homes, Maddy K Homes grew in popularity. I started toying with the idea of adding an online retail space - somewhere you can find all of my favourite things!  After countless days, weeks and months of soul searching and careful planning, I am thrilled to welcome you to my virtual SHOP!


I have curated a selection of special items that reflect the heart of GRACEFUL LIVING and Maddy K Homes. I love country living – from lake houses to farmhouses. I love everything pretty. Handcrafted home décor, lovely accent pillows, warm classic neutrals, and all things calligraphy. It is my hope that you can snuggle up in your cozy home and enjoy the items that I have personally selected from Amazon and other providers.


May the products found here speak truth to you and your family. May they encourage you to slow down and cherish time special moments together at home. Maddy K Homes is meant to bring a little extra beauty & inspiration into your life, and a whole lot of meaning into your home.


My goal is to inspire you to love your home. I am so glad you are here - pour a cup of coffee (or tea) and happy shopping!